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The belief that it is possible to commune with the dead, a key tenet of Spiritualism, gained traction stateside and abroad before the turn of the century, and saw a significant resurgence after WWI.

Evidence of at least one communication attempt was recovered from Lenora’s trunk: a set of spirit drawings. To my (admittedly limited) understanding, mediums were tasked with channeling the deceased, manifesting their connection with an intuitive “guided” sketch for the inquirer.

Which of the Bowen sisters turned to Spiritualism in their search for answers about the fate of their dearly departed? It seems safe to assume that Lenora herself sought alternative solutions for the horrors she faced. Horrors she attempted to record on a collection of blank wax cylinders, the first batch of which I’ll finally be able to share with you in one week’s time.

These past eight weeks have been a relief for me, offering you glimpses into what I’d been trying to make sense of alone. Sharing has helped ward off the isolation I’ve felt sorting through these artifacts. Much as I imagine Lenora must have felt recording her account. There’s a comfort in no longer being the only person tasked with assembling her story.



Yankee White
Yankee White
Oct 10, 2022

When you overlap the two scribbles I think it read "My Lighthouse"


She must have been a portrait artist.


Well that scared the bejeezus out of me

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