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Bar Kit

Lenora’s position as a bartender during prohibition required her to find clever ways to keep her work under wraps. The best illustration of this is seen in her bar kit, which she evidently converted from a manicure set. Perhaps this allowed for easy stowing in her purse?

Paired with her bar kit was a cocktail notebook in which she collected her recipes, although she did make some efforts to hide these from prying eyes as well. While she may have brainstormed new recipes in the central tearaway pad, a limited selection were preserved in a smaller pocket volume within. Could these have been her favorites?

In addition to her writing, there appears to be a set of notes from a second party. From whom was she soliciting feedback?

Despite these lingering questions, the opportunity to examine the items Lenora used daily brings us one step closer to understanding the bygone world she inhabited. The tucked away sanctuary of the speakeasy...

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